20 January 2023
5 November 2020
20 October 2020

Fairy playground for "Malenkaya Strana" ("Small country")

MSS has been accomplished another donation project of NCOC.

14 September 2020

Cleaning and Disinfection of Air ducts

Notification of the implementation of activities for disinfection, disinsection, deratization, deworming

25 March 2020

Aqtau Base extension project!

Completion of roof/wall panels installation

20 March 2020

"Sarens" LLP

Completion of installation of REFRA AC equipment for Sarens Atyrau

17 March 2020


Office team was transfered for remote working
Facilities are fully isolated from any visitors
Quarantine mode has been implemented on production Facilities in Atyrau and Aktau
Dispensers with antiseptic installed on all locations
Guidance were distributed
Toolboxes were conducted
Temporary dinning area established

10 March 2020

Now our confidence in quality accredited by International Quality Standards

Release of Test Reports for Air Filters produced in Kazakhstan by certified foreign LAB
ISO 16890 - Panel Air filters(G3 & G4)
ISO 16890 - Bag Air filters(F5 & F7 & F9)
DIN 53438 - Panel Air filters(G3 & G4)
DIN 53438 - Bag Air filters(F5 & F7 & F9)

27 Feb 2020

Contract with Sarens

Marine Support Services awarded for EPC type of contract for installation of VRF climate system to Sarens new office in Atyrau

21 Feb 2020

Aqtau Base extension project!

Construction of workshop №2 is on move! Roof panels installation has started.

20 Feb 2020

Сhildren's playground area "Small Country"

Fairy playground for " Small Country"
MSS has been completed next NCOC donation project.

11 Feb 2020

New products line!

Pallets and skirts fabrication has been established in Aqtau. Next order ready to be shipped to client.

15 Jan 2020

Atyrau Base upgrade!

New dress module, new tools storage shop, mechanical workshop has been launched.

8 Jan 2020

Aqtau Base extension project!

Construction of workshop №2 is on move! Wall panels installation has started.
Metal Fabrication Workshop planned to be launched in May 2020.